Honest review of Timothy Sykes’s scam or honest nature

Timothy Sykes’s scam or honest

Sykes life before being a millionaire

It would be vain to talk about Timothy Sykes Scam or review before knowing about who he is. Timothy Sykes converted 12,000 US dollars into 2,000,000 million in the stock market while studying at Tulane University. His parents gave him full freedom on his money as they wanted him to learn financial aspects of life on his own. He then started a hedge and had suffered a loss on investing in one of his friend’s company. Due to his initial success in a hedge fund, he was invited as the season 1 host for the popular TV show Wall Street Warriors. One can find more here on Timothy Sykes.

The early days of Sykes merely approach to trading life

Timothy Sykes had to overcome a lot of stress due to his loss in the Hedge fund. Till this time he attained a gruesome popularity. He started receiving emails and letters of people wanting to trade with him on his plans on Penny-stock trading.

Tim then wrote his autobiography titled “The American hedge fund” which was very successful and bared him some good sum of money.
Latter, Time Sykes started a website called TimothySykes.com on which he posted his blogs and stock market analyses with the latest business trends. He also started uploading a pump and dump videos of popular celebrities like Shaquille O’Neal and Justin Bieber.

Applying some great marketing strategies on his site has made him popular all across the globe. Sykes love to upload photos of lavish things like cars, houses, bikes and much more kind of rich stuff. Many critics blame him for attracting people from such marketing strategies. But yet the truth is Tim Sykes had earned 20 million till now.

Tim’s life with educating new traders
When we compare Timothy Sykes trading income with his educating we can find a lot of difference in Stats. Tim has managed to earn 5 million from penny stock trading and the rest of the income is from educating the new traders in the market.

Tim is one of the best and successful traders had managed to produce multi-millionaire students and one of his students Tim Grittani has even surpassed his net worth.

Tim’s education plans and their subscriptions and pricing

Most of Tim’s educating modules are from DVD’s and video lessons. One can buy them from either eBay or his website. There are nearly 5000 videos of 491 hours of watch time which can truly make a person one of the best traders in the market.

There are two plans in Tim’ educating structure:
1. Tim’s alert plan costing 700-900 US dollars a year and
2. Penny stock silver costing nearly 1200-1700 US dollars a year

All the experts suggest to pick the penny stock silver plan as it contains all the video lessons which lacks in Tim’s alert plans. As Timothy Sykes himself says that, It is important to learn trading then trusting blindly on someone alert as it might go down the lane sometimes.

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